MedAssist – A Singular Healthcare Focus

MedAssist’s mission is to leverage our next generation cloud-based technology, operational excellence and performance capabilities while treating patients with dignity, compassion and respect to improve providers’ net patient revenue.

Our comprehensive suite of end-to-end revenue cycle technology solutions provides our clients with automated technologies to streamline all touch points in their revenue cycle. Whether it’s pre-registration or account resolution, MedAssist technology solutions maximize revenue cycle efficiencies while optimizing patient experience.
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Many of our employees work onsite at clients’ hospitals and have strong relationships with government and state agencies, which facilitate faster payment cycles. All 1,400 MedAssist employees are based in the United States and serve a diversified client base of more than 700 healthcare organizations throughout the country.

Our tenured management staff has an average of 15 years of experience in healthcare leadership — our patient account representatives are well versed in account adjudication. In addition to rigorous training of account representatives, MedAssist strives to hire individuals who already have a significant background in the healthcare industry. It’s all part of our commitment to providing only the very best talent to our clients.